Community Action Councils

Real transformation occurs in our local communities. Through its Community Action Council (CAC) initiative, the Global Transformation Network:

Assists local leaders to form effective leadership groups to strategize on how to address issues specific to their community.

In communities where there is an identified desire to develop ekklesia leadership, either in general, or to address a specific issue, the GTN CAC Team may be called upon to assist local leaders with any of the following:

  1. Provide the community leaders with a “toolkit” that will empower them to “stand up” and coordinate issue specific Action Councils within their community. 
  2. Conduct a survey where leaders can assess a community’s needs and local assets (both people and things) that will help them meet their goals.
  3. Identify areas where needs exist that have not been previously identified by the community leaders. 
  4. Conduct a “gap analysis” and identify where Allied Partners may provide expertise, training, or consulting to achieve their desired outcomes. 

Facilitates collaboration between its network of Allied Partners and local leaders to provide expertise and consulting on specific issues related to their community.

A GTN Allied Partner is a person or organization that has expertise in a specific area that will provide local leaders with teaching and consulting to help them achieve the community transformation they desire. Allied Partners are vetted by GTN leadership as being in alignment with the GTNs overall vision and goals and are in “good standing” ethically and relationally.

Each CAC is empowered to bring local and national transformation through applied biblical worldview initiatives, movements, and strategic strategies tailored to each culture. Over time, communities with a network of issue specific CACs mature into the functioning elders-in-the-gate, providing its citizens with biblically principled governance.