Political Transformation

Public Policy for Justice, Liberty, and Prosperity

“History has shown that centralization of governmental power destroys the liberty and the rights of man. The way to have good and safe government is to divide the power among the people and the localities, instead of entrusting it to one body.”

– Mark Beliles, Speaking the Nation’s New Tongues

“It is useful first to summarize the main functions of a church: Gather the people of God for worship, the Lord’s Supper, baptism, prayer, and the proclamation of the Truth. Instruct God’s people in Biblical truth for every sphere of life, not just religious topics. Equip and mobilize God’s people for service, not just in the church, but everywhere believers live out their callings.”

- Mark Beliles, Casting out the Nation´s Demons

Principle-based public policy benefits all citizens. It provides a stable framework from which governments at all levels of jurisdiction can formulate consistent laws and regulations that empower their citizens to flourish.

Our Services

Applied Worldview

When a biblical worldview meets civil government, the people rejoice (Proverbs 29:2). We provide comprehensive training that empowers government leaders to serve.

Campaign Strategy

Experts in team building and marketing help committed Christians run campaigns and win elections. They serve their citizens from a posture of service-based power.

Political Advising

We work with elected leaders to formulate principle-based public policy that brings justice, liberty and prosperity to their communities and nations.

Strategies to Transform a Nation's Public Policy

Teach Jurisdictional Government
We focus on meeting children in the home and the school because that is where worldviews are shaped in the next generation.

Recruit and Train Statesmen
Every professional educatory carries their worldview into their classroom. We focus on empowering them with a strong biblical worldview.

Assemble and Activate
We encourage making the collective voice of the people heard through peaceful assembly and airing of grievances.

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