Social/Cultural Transformation

Kingdom Culture to Advance Dignity and Flourishing of All People

“Christians must do more than appeal to the church, the government, or other groups to do something. Christians need to consider what they have that can be used to make a difference and where they can take the hurting to be healed. But often the solution is greater than our own expertise, so like the [good] Samaritan we must recognize our limits but commit to find someone else that can take the healing further such as the inn.”

- Mark Beliles, How Nation´s Lay Hands on Their Sick

The culture of a nation determines the dignity of its people. Two key components are strong, healthy families and racial harmony. Our partners are focused on building this foundation.

Our Services

Training For Medicine & Health

A biblical approach to addressing physical and mental well-being.


Connect with Christian doctors and medical practitioners who are impacting the physical and emotional well-being of their community's and nation's citizens.

Religious & Racial Harmony

We help advise leaders in the areas of racial, religious, and ethnic reconciliation and harmony in communities and nations.

Strategies to Transform the Culture of a Nation

Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus
Being visible in a community is not enough. Being consistently visible in serving the needs of a community, from small to large is how the church changes the culture.

Speak the Truth in Love
The truth shall set you free. We seek to bring it in a manner that shows the love of Christ for all citizens.

Seek Redemption and Reconciliation
Racial and tribal reconciliation is one of the most challenging areas in many nations. We work with organizations to

Allied Partners