What We Believe

Jesus Christ calls His followers to unify in purpose (Ephesians 4:1-7) as we “disciple all the nations.” (Matthew 28:19). This requires us to apply principles derived from a biblical worldview to every aspect of life.

Community Focused

Transformation ultimately occurs in local communities. Therefore local leaders must be empowered to form councils to manage their education, economic, political, and social systems. These councils will be effective only if they are formed by those who love their community and have a heart to serve. 

Strategic Prayer

Specific and strategic intercessory prayer must be a central component in all national and community transformation initiatives. Our strategic prayer group can assist the formation of community transformation-specific teams.

Generational Mentoring 

It is imperative for leaders to pass their skills, knowledge, and wisdom to subsequent generations. Therefore, we employ discipleship and mentorship programs where the next generation can grow in their ability to lead in their communities and nations. 

Combining these three elements produces generationally sustainable transformation touching our spiritual, intellectual, political, economic, and social lives. This leads to the liberty Jesus promised, the justice afforded by the cross, and prosperity for all citizens regardless of personal identifier, race, class, or faith.