Mark Beliles, International Director

Dr. Mark A. Beliles is a popular speaker and cultural leadership coach who has traveled to almost seventy countries and addressed parliaments and high-ranking officials of nations on the topics of faith and freedom.

Dr. Beliles also serves in the leadership teams of Transform World, The Rebuilders Group, Disciple Nations Alliance, and the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Beliles earned his Ph.D. from Whitefield Theological Seminary. He founded an educational ministry called the Providence Foundation in 1983 and its Biblical Worldview University. He has coauthored several books on religion and history. His five-book series on Christ's Strategy to Disciple Nations and National Transformation are designed for international audiences.

He also is known for academic works on America's founding fathers such as Doubting Thomas—The Religious Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson. Beliles, an ordained minister since 1977, has served as pastor of various non-denominational churches for thirty-five years and as a bishop.

Maria Irene Squillaci, Director of Operations

María Irene Squillaci Sandoval is a lawyer with a master’s degree in organizational leadership, an international speaker, and advisor to political leaders and educators in 22 nations.

She is the director for Latin America of the Global Transformation Network, serving organization in 60 countries dedicated to providing practical and strategic services to the political, educational, social, economic, and spiritual problems that nations face.

Maria Irene has advised and trained parliamentarians and leaders on public policy in 15 Latin American countries. She authored Dethroning the State, presenting principles to free families from government oppression, Generational Momentum, multiplying faith, knowledge, wisdom, and wealth generationally, and Winning the Electoral Battle.

Dennis Peacock, Strategic Advisor and Board Member
Founder, GoStrategic and The Rebuilders Group (formerly The Statesmen Project)

One of the most genuine and compelling communicators of our day, Dennis Peacocke has carried a concern for social justice for over 55 years. In his college days, this concern was expressed through his involvement in the civil rights and free speech movements.

He graduated from Berkeley with a major in Political Science at the height of the turbulent 60s. Since his conversion in 1968, Dennis has gained international respect as a strategist due to his unique way of applying biblical solutions to the many challenging issues facing families, churches, business, and government. 

Both a former business owner and pastor, Dennis is the founder of GoStrategic , a leadership organization dedicated to demonstrating the relevance of Christianity to every area of contemporary life. He has authored four books: On the Destiny of NationsWinning the Battle for the Minds of MenDoing Business God’s Way, and The Emperor Has No Clothes. He has also recorded numerous audio and video presentations and has spoken all over the globe.

Regional Leadership

Latin America:

James Sajona, Colombia, businessman

Ileana Flores, Costa Rica, Board CEO of a private school network

Omar Sarmiento, Argentina, communications business

Ricardo Wagner, Brazil, pastor, leader of apostolic church network

North America: (interim team)

Doug Tjaden, USA, Founder of Regeneco

Doug Sharpe, Canada, Director of Canada Family Action

Bruce Friesen, Canada, prophetic ministry, Kingdomizers


South Africa – Michael Louis, Businessman, former MP

Nigeria – Wale Adafarasin, Pastor

Ethiopia – Tamirat Ashebir, Bishop

Uganda – Stephen Langa, Businessman


United Kingdom – David Stears, Businessman

Ukraine – Pavel Unguran, former MP

Netherlands – Siebe Slagter, Businessman

Hungary – Istvan Svabadfoldi, Consultant


India – Jetti Oliver, University Chancelor

South Korea – Young Lee, Consultant

New Zealand – Bruce Billington, Businessman

Philippines – Manny Carlos, Bishop