Commercial Transformation

Value Creation & Stewardship for a Prosperous Nation

“Jesus taught that business is a key part of the mission to change the world. The workplace was the setting for 80% Jesus’ ministry. Despite these realities, less than 10% of believers have received any teaching on the workplace even though 70% of their time is spent there. This type of Christian thinking and church ministry in the 21st century must change.”

- Mark Beliles, How Nation’s Drink Their Deadly Things

God designed us to work together to build incredible things, including and especially His Kingdom on earth. The primary responsibility of followers of Jesus in the marketplace is to create, manage, and deploy the resources needed to accomplish that.

Our Services

Worldview Training

In-depth training on biblical principles and practices for macro-economics, business, banking, and investment.

Economic Development Strategies

Support and networking for homeschoolers and team building for educators that will transform communities and nations.


Our consultants and Allied partners provide expertise in biblical business strategies, local and national economic development, and trade.

Strategies to Transform the Economy of a Nation

Create Wealth God's Way
An economy only works as God intended if it is designed according to a biblical worldview and there is godly character in leadership of the marketplace.

Save, Invest, and Lend With Integrity
God commands a blessing on godly storehouses. Jesus affirmed investing in the parable of the talents. Lending too is a biblical practice. The key is doing each according to biblical standards.

Focus On Overcoming Poverty
God cares about the poor and requires us to as well. Poverty will remain a persistent problem until the church reclaims its jurisdictional responsibility to oversee care for the poor, widows and orphans from the government.

Allied Partners